Is AIDS a myth?

The simple fact is that this disease has no cure and there is very little hope on the horizon of any treatment anytime soon!

Have you ever heard people say that AIDS is just a myth?

That there has never been such a disease and all deaths are caused for some other reason that the government has not disclosed!

Rejection is a dime a dozen on the internet. They have evidence and they are vocal but is there evidence of their allegation and why do they claim AIDS and HIV do not exist? Rejection like Celia Farber is growing in popularity on the internet and the reasons are really surprising.

Currently, the total number of people dying and dying in the world from AIDS is slowly crossing several million! American deniers such as Celia Farber: Journalist, Peter Duesberg: Professor of molecular and cell biology, University of California, David Rasnick: biochemist, and Harvey Bialy: biochemists are just a few who have been vociferous in asserting that AIDS and HIV are not related. There are several government officials who have also offered support to Farce with political conservatives backing him wholeheartedly. And sadly this has succeeded in convincing people like President Thabo Mbeki who has now refused to buy and stock the life-saving retro viral for thousands of HIV positive patients in Africa.

It doesn’t help that some of the leading herbalists claim to be able to cure AIDS without anti-retroviral treatment and by simply placing their hands on patients in South Africa. This has just succeeded in strengthening the view that AIDS drugs are unnecessary and drugs can cause disease rather than cure it.

Manto Tshabalala Msimang, South Africa’s health minister also supports these views and has described antiviral therapy as poisonous to HIV positive people. He is supported by leading magazines such as CONTINUUM and New York lab technicians such as Roberto Giraldo who serves on Thabo Mbeki’s advisory panel. Refusal is also actively working to suppress the use of antiviral therapy in children.

In America, the death and birth of HIV-infected children are rare because of the high awareness and control exercised by the NIH and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. But it is not the same in Africa where prominent HIV positive citizens, local citizens and infected parents are advised to have nutraceuticals in place of anti-retro viral therapy.

But the fact is that AIDS and HIV exist and can kill people.

Yet rejection has succeeded in taking the lives of thousands of Africans, newborn babies and even the lives of the Deny itself. Denials like Christine Maggiore gave birth to HIV positive children like Eliza Jane who expired due to AIDS and herself expired earlier this year; and entire Denialist magazine editing teams like CONTINUUM died of unsupervised HIV and AIDS.

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